Monday, January 7, 2008

BING-BONG! Faro Family Christmas Cruise!

"bing-bong" is what the cruise director, mark, said everytime he concluded hosting something or making an announcement on this cruise this past week. sounds like it might be annoying, yet it wasn't...i grew quite fond of it by the end of the trip. for those that don't know wha i'm talking about, we just got back from the faro family christmas vacation today. they took the family on a royal carribbean cruise to key west and the bahamas for christmas...and it was amazing!!! we had such a good time!!!!
this post would be redicuously long if i talk about everything tha was amazing about it so i'll go in stages in the next few days so keep tuning in! :-)

we flew down to florida on tuesday (yup, the day they had that cold snap and freeze warning) it was cold and we were wondering if we would be that cold on the cruise too. regardless, we were still too excited to be let a little cool weather stop us....i mean really, we're new yorkers. so wednesday we board the boat and waste no time getting in the hot tub. we were one of the first ones on and the whole rest of the day people were boarding the boat with their sweats and coats on while we're outside in bathing suits in the hot tub. we got lots of "you're not from florida, are you?" comments. obviously not. we were glad we flew in the day before and got on early cause we basically got a whole other day on the boat.
we spent the rest of that day scoping out all the boat had to offer. 11 decks, climbing wall, bungee trampoline, pools/hot tubs indoor and out, lots of different lounges and bars, a sweet fitness center, and of course lot of places to eat...whenever you want. so it was pretty cold and cloudy but we didn't care because we were excited to get started on all this fun!at night we all got dressed up nice for our fancy dinner. our waitress for the week was from lithuania. her name was inga. we learned lots of stuff from they work six straight months without ONE day off! how crazy is that!?!? and they work all day long. they must have crazy standards for service because all the people working there (and there was over 800 of them) were so helpful. you could tell they weren't american as sad as that is for us to say. the international feel with all the people from all over was really sweet. it made you feel like you were far away even when we were still docked in fort lauderdale.after dinner we went to the orpheum theater for the opening night dancing/singing show. they were really good! just like sitting in on a broadway show. and then it was on to karaoke. good times. we were supposed to head down to key west the next day but weather changed our plans so we spent thursday "cruising" as they call it...just out at sea on the boat all day. i'll write about that another day!


Mom of 2 Cuties said...

You're good!! Blogging as soon as you get home almost. I'm impressed. I thought for sure Amy would beat you to it. Glad you all had a great time. Can't wait to hear more and see more pics.

It was great seeing you guys here at home.

Mrs. Keller said...

No way she got home while I was still sitting in the Ft. Lauderdale airport, but I am impressed with the speedy blogging

Anonymous said...

Way to capture that initial walk down the pool deck where we were all doing the "No way this is our boat?" reaction...we had litterally been on there for just minutes at that point.

And bing-bong wasn't an annoying sign off phrase at WO-HOO on the other hand, that got all.

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!