Saturday, January 12, 2008

Cruisin' Key West Style

well, its taken a few days for me to get back to blogging but i'm back...with more stories to tell!

so our first full day was "cruising" as they call it. we spent the day out at sea and took advantage of the fun the boat had to offer. hit the trampolines, took a salsa class, hung out at the pool, hit the casino (with only the change in the bottom of my purse for the slots), and had our "formal night" for dinner. the boat had more than enough options to keep us busy.

So after a full day out at sea waiting out the weather, we port at Key West the next morning. aaron and i had signed up for an excursion called "snuba" in the afternoon so we went walking through key west in the morning. we had fun just the two of us walking to find the beach. the town's pretty cool looking. lots of beach-town-looking shops and boutiques and stuff. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'm not gonna go to key west and waste my time shopping, but it was a cool atmosphere to walk through.

after about an hour of walking, aaron and i got to a beach. it was fairly sketch though. a bunch of homeless people loitering around and such. but we walked past this guy who gave us a coconut that he had peeled and stuff. apparently he was a chef in new orleans until katrina hit. now he sleeps on the beach in key west. as he put it, "i guess i traded up". quite the outlook after losing everything. we tried to take it back on board with us but they wouldn't let us so we had to have some fun with it before we got back on for lunch.

after lunch we found our excursion spot...only to have it cancelled!!! such a bummer. but it was nice of them to cancel it cause they had taken people out in the morning and i guess they couldn't see anything so it would've been a lot of money and time to not see any cool sea life. i was pretty impressed that instead of taking our money and saying "oh well, sorry we couldn't see anything", they just told us not to waste our money. so we ended up hitting the beach (a not so sketchy one) for the rest of the day it was a nice afternoon on a pretty beach!

random side note for you...and on our walk back to the boat we saw these dogs that had legit dreads. weird.

so back on the boat. ben, aaron and i hit the rock climbing wall before we got ready for dinner again. i'm sure many of you will not balk at this story but i'm telling it anyway. i forgot socks for the climbing wall. picture going bowling, getting the shoes that the rest of the world does, and having to put bare feet in those publicly used shoes. i'm still hoping i didn't catch some gross fungus from it. i still have a hard time believeing i actually did that. i mean, my mom did raise me to fear all germs, especially in public places. i wish i had pictures of this cause it was cool but along with my socks i forgot my camera.

and the next and last update to come...cococay, bahamas. let me just warn you, i just let out a whimsical sigh just thinking back about it :-)

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Mrs. Keller said...

I sighed right along with you

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!