Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cococay, Bahamas

Our last day was spent at this paradise. It was basically a small island, owned by Royal Carribbean. There was nothing there except our cruise ship and the people tha run the fun there. You walked off the boat and all you saw was endless beach chairs, ocean, and the best yet...hammock's between palm trees. Amazing. We didn't do much but that was the point I guess. We all camped in this little hacienda with padded chairs, and sheers for privacy. Why would you shut those though...I mean really, you're overlooking a very blue ocean!
Anyway, Aaron and I rented snorkel gear and went out pretty early. We saw some pretty sweet fish of course along with some sting ray. Aaron really loved the snorkeling...and proceeded to pass around the other set of snorkel gear providing guided tours for the rest of the family. When he finally came in I think his body temperature was a few degrees colder. So I took Ben out after that and then Brett and John went out together. Unfortunately for them, John planted his hand on a sea urchin and had to seek a little medical advice. Looked pretty nasty. Had me reminiscing back to my jellyfsh debacle last fall. Other than the snorkeling, we read, laid around in the hammocks, and bought cocoloco's from the guys walking around selling this tasty frozen drink. Oh Sweet Paradise!

After our relaxing day at the beach, we got back on the boat to enjoy our last formal dinner, shows, and music.

This vacation was amazing...I mean at this point after all you've read I'm sure that's not a surprise to you. It was just non-stop fun. We came home pretty high on cruises, telling everyone we know that they have to go on one in their lifetime. After some reflection we decided that the vacation was fantastic but it wouldn't have been nearly as fun if we weren't there all together. The company makes the experience.


Mom of 2 Cuties said...

I've loved seeing all of your pictures and hearing about the cruise. You guys could have fun in a cardboard box but it's nice you got to experience such a gorgeous location too.

Mrs. Keller said...

I agree, it definitely was more fun because we were all together and I couldnt think of people I'd rather hang out with in a beautiful tropical place with all you can eat food.

gehman said...

Hey Christine! Its Sarah Gehman. Hope you are doing well. I was playing bag-o the other day and thought of you. Miss you guys!

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!