Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving in Disney

well...the group shot above is the latest faro sibling pic from the final four thanksgiving weekend. messiah once again made it to the final four so of course, the whole faro clan packed it up and followed them there! we had thanksgiving at our house early in the day and then we drove part of the way down that night. we did the last few hours friday morning and made it in time to see the girls beat tcnj in the semi's. had some time to check into the hotel beore the next game...unfortunately, the boys lost in the semi's that night to trinity. it was a good close game but couldn't quite seal the deal. i don't think any of us considered what we would do if that happened...but we made the best of it and had a good time anyway.

regardless of the outcome, we were there to be with family and support brett. and thats what we did. friday night we tried to hit the hot tub but it closed so we played games instead. during that time we learned some important things like ben's lack of geographical genius, and aaron's unappreciative nature. the conversation started by talking about collecting bottles or caps or something at the rhino's stadium to earn pepsi gear. we brought our dvd's down in a travel case that apparently came from that history. and the following convo came out...

aaron: "yeah all that time there and you get crap like that" (referring to the case)

ben: "hey! i stood out there for hours collecting those to get you that. and i got amy a towel and got nothing for myself!"

aaron: right, yeah and its awesome"

open mouth, insert foot.

anyway, we took some time on saturday so hang out at bretts hotel with him and took part in the fairytale called disney. the pool was pretty incredible and the boys had a good time there.

we then went to the girls game. they lost in the finals. and we hit the road from there...all the way back to charlotte by 1:30 am. it's lots of driving but its also lots of quaility family time...and we're looking forward to the next few years of thanksgiving trips to continue the tradition. we don't know what we'd do on thanksgiving without it!

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