Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pirate Incompetance

well, after more problems, i am officially an ECU Pirate for grad school. and i learned a valuable lesson of more incompetance. i sent the applcation off the end of october and asked when i would hear back. to which i received the reply..."there's no set time limit" ok, i took that as..."stop asking questions, we'll tell you when we're ready" and here is the lesson i learned...be annoying anyway because nobody does their job well enough to make sure everything happens correctly.

so i called yesterday (cause i was tired of waiting) to find out i was accepted on november 2nd (about a month ago)...that's 4 days after i sent it...very quick, i know. BUT NOBODY FELT THE NEED TO TELL ME! apparently the admissions office forgot to send the letter and in that time period, class registration came and went and all the health classes are full!!!!!

so now i'm accepted but have no classes to sign up for so i might as well have waited till next fall. so i'm gonna try to call and bring my "new york" out and get myself into some "full" classes since it was not my stupidity that made this happen. sheesh. sometimes i wonder why people are so dumb. why is it so hard to do your job? i hate to think i'm the only smart and capable person left in this world, but sometimes it feels like that.

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