Saturday, November 17, 2007


well...we had some good times friday night here at the Faro house! we had the casey's, the koontz's, and the ross's over for a night of games. we love games. we started out the night with krokinol...i have no idea how to spell it. and that was fun but then we pulled out the left-right-center dice....always ready for a good time. in the pictures below are the consequences for being the one left with a chip. let me just say, if you haven't played this need to. it is so much fun if you play with good sports and people that know how to have a good time. so for your viewing pleasure...

the first consequence went to lani downing a tablespoon of texas pete without anything else allowed to subdue it for the next three minutes.

and the next...heidi getting sprayed at close range with the cold hose for five seconds

andy having lauren rub peanut butter all up in his hair

me having to give every player a free shot with the ping pong ball at my bare stomach (luckily i didn't get hit much)

aaron had to let everyone hit him across the face with a pita..yes a pita (apparently one of the more humiliating ones of the evening)

then aaron again got an egg broken on his head (which dries similar to cement if you didn't know)

then andy comes up short again and had to get his bare feet soaked with the hose and then run to the front of the neighborhood sign and back with no shoes (i still would have hypothermia if i lost that one) no picture though :-(

and then lani again...had to brush her teeth with the electric toothbrush with dishsoap on it...for a whole 2 minutes!

well, notice you didn't see sam, lauren, or brian getting the brunt of the consequences...they lucked out this time but their turn will come!


Mom of 2 Cuties said...

Is that the game that John had to put fiesta party dip on his forehead last year at the Ziegler family Christmas? What a riot!! Your consequences are hilarious. Can't wait to see the pics.

christine said...

sounds like it could be the very same one :-)

Mrs. Keller said...

Man you guys are upping the anty here, I am a little scared come christmas/cruise time.

Mama F said...

Ok, I am laughing hysterically as I read this post, while Mike is behind me muttering, "Sick! Sickos!!" Guess you can tell who has the sense of humor in our family. I can feel some good times coming. Definitely I would have to say that Lana gets the prize for being the best sport for the night---the teeth brushing with dishsoap for 2 minutes would have me puking in no time flat---not to mention after gulping down hot sauce. She must have a stomach of steel!!

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!