Tuesday, November 6, 2007


so once again, i've been scolded for not blogging since my puking incident. i'm not complaining...i'm glad that there are a bunch of people that look forward to the updates...i just unfortunately don't have much to write about these days.

i'm still waiting to hear back from ecu admissions. i was trying to get ready ahead of time if i get accepted...so i've been researching a bunch of scholarship opportunities through the school. in doing so, i've encountered lots of imcompetance and that is probably my biggest pet peeve. (p.s.- i don't know how to spell that and its probably wrong) the website lists a bunch of scholarships but doesn't say ANYTHING about them other than the name of it and the amount. So i e-mailed them asking quite a few questions so i knew which ones were still available, i was eligible for, blah blah blah...so three weeks later, (and more phone calls and e-mails) someone finaly e-mailed me back and says, and i quote "i can't help you with this" and thats it. mind you, that was the scholarship contact person listed on the website. you can't help me, or you won't help me...that was my question. so i ask someone else...and he e-mails me back a week later with the link to the scholarship page that started this whole debacle. so now, about a month later, i still don't know if i'm accepted or if i can even apply for a scholarship. there's probably nothing more annoying to me than people who either can't or won't do their job well. ugh.

but other than that, there's not too much going on. aaron and i are just trying to log a lot of working hours to get ready for later when he'll be in africa and then we'll both be gone for the holidays. makes for some long days, but thats life, right. on a good note, my parents will be down here for the beginning when aaron's in africa and the jillian is going to spend the last weekend down with me! its gonna make those three weeks way easier to handle! gotta love being loved!

on another side note...joe torre has gone to manage the dodgers...and he took don mattingly with him. as sad as i am that he's gone, there are way worse teams he could have gone to. i might have to become a secondary dodgers fan. so joe girardi is the new yankee manager and i was a fan of his when he was a player so it could be way worse. and in recent yankee news...more confirmation on why i hated rodriquez as a yankee. is a recent interview he names the red sox as his prime option for after the yankees. if there are any true yankee fans that like a-rod, they have now been set straight. no true yankee wants to go play for the red sox. i hope he goes...they deserve eachother. sorry john.

well hope this satisfies you blog stalkers until we have more news worthy things to write about!


Mama F said...

Well, thanks for the post---harrasment works! Your scholarship story is really quite sad---unbelievable incompetence!!! Don't blame you for being incredibly frustrated. Have you tried e-mailing the VP for admissions? It's nasty here tonight---we're getting rainy slushy snowish stuff failing out of the sky.

Anonymous said...

1. We don't deserve him, want him, need him, like him, think he should be allowed food and water...or anything else. I'm really glad Yankee fans have finally stopped pretending that they liked that guy though. He's seriously unlikeable, and I'm glad you are all on board with that now.

2. I'll even buy you your first Dodgers shirt if you forget about the Yankees.

3. Crap...I figured as long as you didn't blog I could get away with it too.

christine said...

i was always on board with that...and yeah, you've been slacking on the blogging too... must be that job thing getting in the way :-)

Anonymous said...

And now it looks like MayRod is coming back to NY...talk about deserving each other!

christine said...

ok...crossing the line between general comment and directed insult.

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!