Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Welcome Emma Jennifer Faro!

Emma decided to grace us with her presence on March 23rd at 7:39am. Her due date was the 31st so she came a little over a week early. I'm not really sure how much of the labor and delivery details to share because I'm sure some readers don't want that kind of information. So for those that want more details feel free to ask and for those that think I already shared too much...sorry.
On saturday, we had a bunch of our friends over and we watched some basketball. That whole day I thought I was feeling some contractions but wasn't quite sure. Saturday night at about 1am I found out that I was having them for sure. I woke up with some serious back pain and thought I might be in labor. So Aaron and I were up most of Saturday night into Sunday morning. We called the midwife and she told us to call her back when the contractions were closer and more regular...that never actually happened. We timed them all day Sunday and they got closer and more intense but not very regular. Finally at about dinner time we called the midwife again. She told us to come in basically because she thought its what I wanted, not because she thought it was really time.

So we get to the hospital around 7:30pm on Sunday. At this point, we're at over 18 hours of labor. I wondered if they were going to send me home cause I wasn't ready but they said they thought it was real labor and told me we'd stay. They offered, and even pushed, the epidural but I told them I wanted to try and go without it. Stupid. After 6 more hours of labor (24 hours total so far) she told me I was still only 3 or 4 centimeters so I got the epidural. I REALLY should've gotten it earlier. From then on I slept off and on until 7am when they said it was almost time to push. There's a good story about my anesthesiologist but this is already long so that will have to wait...but it involves me telling her I was gonna kick her in the if that interests you feel free to inquire further. :-)

The pushing part was really fast for me. I only pushed five times and she came right out. The midwife almost didn't make it into the room in time to catch her. It was really a surreal moment. They placed Emma right up on me and told me it was a girl. I was actually surprised since the whole time I thought I was gonna have a boy. Aaron got to cut the cord and went with the nurse when she cleaned her up and measured her and all that jazz. It was so sweet to watch Aaron's reaction and see him hold her for the first time. Special moments with our daughter :-)

We had lots of visitors in the hospital those two days and we've been home now about a week. Life sure is different. I do nothing I used to do, and I spend my whole day doing things I don't really know anything about. It's definitely hard. Everyone tells me the first few weeks are hard and it gets easier. Thats good cause I probably can't keep this up forever. As hard as they've been, they've been awesome too. Emma makes the cutest faces and sounds and sleeping with her laying on your chest is the best thing in the world.

I'm sure there will be more updates now that Emma is here. Although, I thought I was too busy to write I really AM too busy to do anything so we'll see :-)


Amy said...

Awww I am so glad you posted!! I absolutely cannot wait to meet her and see you and Aaron as parents. We are so happy she is finally here. Praying for you guys in the weeks to come. I am sure it is going to get easier as you get a routine and get used to all of this

Amy said...
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Molly said...

Christine! Oh goodness...I'm just so stinkin happy for you and consider this me officially inquiring about further details: 1) details of labor 2) what you said to the anesthes...dr :) -Sincerely, Molly Spencer

sarah said...

Love the update! Emma is so beautiful!!! Im glad your labor went well and that you and Emma are healthy. Thanks for the details, i love hearing how different people experiences are. And yes, the first couple weeks i had Will i told Josh i couldn't do it anymore and that i dont think i could ever have another one (and i was used to having babies at work). but at home 24/7 was so different. it does get better - its just such a major adjustment! wish i could be there to help in any way. i will be praying for you. congrats again!

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

I'm so glad you included Emma's birth story. I can't wait to hear the anesthesiologist story.

I was petrified of the epidural with Kaitlyn but finally gave in. With Renee, there wasn't time and I was soooo disappointed! "What do you mean I can't have one?"

I'm so glad the pushing part went fast! That is exhausting and you were already exhausted after such a long labor. But it sounds like you did great, had an awesome coach and the end result is stunningly beautiful!! You will NEVER forget the moment you laid eyes on your precious daughter.

During those first few weeks I remember thinking, "I can't do this by myself. Don't leave Mom." But it really does get easier. You'll learn how Emma likes to be held, what soothes her, etc. Wish I could come over and snuggle her!

We pray for you guys every night and ask the Lord to give you rest, wisdom and peace. My favorite piece of advise someone gave me: You can't spoil a newborn. So love on her for us.

Shak Family said...

Oh my goodness Emma is so so so cute. I love the pic with her eyes open, how sweet. Glad to hear that you all are doing well. Let us know if you need anything. Enjoy this very special goes by too fast.

Charlotte Eagles Soccer Club Brazil Tour 2007 said...

I love you baby Emma! See you soon! She is beautiful people, beautiful and I am not saying that because I love you guys. Really beautiful! Yeah!!!

Sarah B.

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!