Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My birthday weekend held quite a few surprises. All I knew was that a few friends were going to come over friday night to hang out on my birthday. Allison and Mike were going to be up from Atlanta because the boys were competing in a duathlon on saturday. So I won't go into details because this is the unfortunate part of the weekend...but Friday I ended up feeling rather sick and ended up at the doctor to make sure the baby was still ok. Quite the scary day...but all is well! So I spent most of Friday laying around trying not to be in pain so I was not ready for the company to get here, hadn't gone shopping to feed anybody, didn't clean the house...nothing. I hate that. But Mike and Allison were understanding and the company ended up bringing over whatever food we ate that night which was nice (not that I got to eat any of it). So anyway, sometime during the night Aaron gets a text message. I pick up his phone and see that it was from Jillian...hmm. So I'm suspicious of course. And then, not an hour later...she walks through my front door to join the birtday party! Or so I thought :-) But we got to meet Ian and have some time to just hang out that night which was great! Aaron and I got a little practice with the little guy too :-)
Saturday the boys went and did the race (and did well of course, despite the cold rain!) The girls had a lazy morning and planned on going out to lunch after the guys got home. So we got dressed and started to leave for lunch. We had to drop off Lauren's coat at her house cause she left it the night before (mm, hmm). So I run up to the door (yes, its still raining) and as I knock on the door, I see balloons in the window and now I understand what's going on. I open the door to a house full of people for my surprise baby shower!!! Fun stuff. Lauren, Lani, Melissa, and Betty put together a surprise shower for me and had been scheming together for a long time! The house looked great, there were tons of people there, and I had a great time! I opened wonderful gifts (some of which were home-made masterpieces!), and basically got spoiled. It was so fun to have all the Charlotte friends as well as Jillian and Allison in town to join the festivities. Talk about feeling special :-)

Sunday, I actually had another shower. Aaron's Grace soccer moms put one together for me too. I was a little nervous because I don't really know most of them but it was also a great time. They told stories and we ate good food, and once again, I got spoiled. It was so thoughtful of them to do that for me and it basically shows how much Aaron means to them and their boys.

And then, the following Sunday the YMCA threw me another shower! Three showers in two weekends...what a celebration! Now, we are really set to go and have everything we need and much more for this baby to come. Now, it just needs to get here :-)

Had my 37-week appointment today and things are moving right along. I'm right we're I'm supposed to be I guess and the baby's moving down and "dropping" as they say. The next post will probably be a birth announcement unless something rediculous happens that I need to share!

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Mama F said...

What fun! I guess the pictures strung over that table were the baby pictures that were requested. Sure looks like a lot of work went into that event. I'm so glad you are being showered with love during this very special time in your life. You still look wonderful---only a little baby bump. What abs you have!!! Can't wait for the big day to arrive.

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!