Monday, November 3, 2008

Little Faro Pics

The pictures below are from today's ultrasound. This second one blew our minds! I didn't know that my practice did the 3D/4D ultrasound and had never seen one before. She started with the basic one shown first. Those are the only kind i've ever seen and that's kind of what I expected. She had some trouble getting the baby to move into the right positions to get the measurements and pictures she needed. She definately already pinned our baby as "stubborn". Not much of a shock...that one was pretty much a given. But the baby was basically on its head, and looked like it was doing crunches. My kind of baby...already doing abs :-) So we got quite a few printouts of pictures. In both dimensions. The two here are the only ones I've gotten scanned into the computer so far. I think they are the clearest. The doctor's report said that all is well and thre are no problems seen by their measurements. Good news! She also said the baby was measuring a little big. I immediately got nervous. I'm not up for delivering a 10 pound baby! Aaron of course thinks I'm overreacting. The baby can ether be older than the original estimation or just a big baby. I'm hoping its older :-)

Next on the baby agenda is registering. I've done a little research and made a long list of all the recommended items. BTW...babies require massive amounts of stuff! So after I check with the local moms, Aaron and I will be off to Babies R Us in the next week or so and get the registry up and running! More "stuff" to accumulate.

On a very different sidenote...I am so ready for this election to be over. Besides the commercials that just make outrageous claims and lie about everything, I got another unpleasant surprise Sunday afternoon. The doorbell rings and I answer it to see an Obama campaigner at the door. First Strike: He says, "hello Christine". How on earth do you know my name!!! I don't like it. I'm immediately annoyed that campaigners are at my door and calling me by name on a Sunday. He proceeds to tell me what he's all about while I ever-so-nicely inform him that I've already voted so he should move on. Then he asked me, "oh, well did you husband Aaron vote?" Strike two!!! How do they know our names and marital status and then proceed to think its OK to come to my door and talk as if we're close friends. After he finds out that I already voted he throws in, "well i hope it was for Obama". Strike three. To which I say nothing because its none of his business...instead I just stared at him waiting for him to get my obvious disgust. Then he asks, "well, do you mind me asking who you did vote for?" Strike four!! And I boldly say..."YES, I do! i mind you being at my door, thinking its ok to intrude on my Sunday, and ask personal information that some of my close friends don't even's personal and none of your business". I must say, regardless of who I voted for, if I hadn't already voted, this little interaction would not have helped their cause. Lets just finish this election and get on with whatever is going to happen...and PRAY for God's mercy cause we're gonna need it either way!


Anonymous said...

1) A stubborn Faro who likes to do abs...I think we already have one of those. He'll be in good company. I definitely laughed out loud at that though.

2) That story is FANTASTIC. As someone who has seen this described disgust, I'm amazed that he didn't pick up on it quicker.

Rachel said...

1. DYING to see belly pics! I'm sure you are such a cute pregnant lady! What amazing ultrasound pics!

2. Can't wait for the election to be over either! Nervous as anything today.

Hope your feeling well!!

Amy said...

Oh I love the pictures and I am with Rachel I want to see pictures of you! I have been showing off these pictures of my future neice... I think its a girl

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!