Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Big News

Well, most of you already know...but Aaron and I are gonna have a baby!!!! Yes, we've waited a long time to tell anyone but the secret is out. I'm almost 18 weeks (4 and a half months for those that are not familiar with the "week" system). I'm due on March 31st. Seems like it's right around the corner. We finally told people a few weekends ago. Well, we told the Faro family when we saw them all for the boys games and then we waited until we were gonna see my parents in person.

To tell the Faro's we give ben a package od Uncle Ben's rice to see who would be quick enough to get it. We knew John would be the first but the rest of the fam really stayed in the dark. It was hilarious to watch Ben...he thought we just got him some rice to make in his room and was trying to act so appreciative even though it would've been so random if it were true! Finally, after John prompted him with "Ben, what would make you an uncle Ben?", he and everyone else caught on along with him. Good times. For my parents, we wrapped up onsies that said Grandma and Grandpa on them and had them open them as a surprise gift after they picked us up from the airport. The Faraci's were there too which was fun. Mom was so stunned that she just sat there with her head in her hands for what semed like an eternity before she started to cry. It took Dad all of 30 seconds to go to the neighbors back door to share the news! All the while, Grandma was yelling and Grandpa wasn't sure what was going on :-) Classic.
the happy grandparents to be!

It was a good weekend to start spilling the news because we were going to see quite a few people that we wanted to tell in person. The whole reason we were up was for Chris Rosario's wedding so we got to tell him and Jillian (who was also there for the wedding and is also pregnant!). Those two are my oldet and closest friends and it was great to tell them. Now, little Ian Green and baby Faro will be close in age! Along with those two, there were quite a few old high school friends at Chris' wedding so they all found out too. After the wedding we flew up to Boston to see the Crowell's and their new little addition. Jory was the best man at our wedding and we're now the godparents to Sam so it was good to spend time catching up and sharing good news. We had a great time in Boston and got a little glimpse of life with a 5 week old! I was pretty relieved to come home still feeling excited...I was nervous I would come home shellshocked and scared to death to start this aprenting journey. Below are some pics of our time in Boston...I'm still waiting for Jillian to share some pics from the wedding so when I get those, I'll share.

celebration dinner with jory, laura and sam!

aaron and i getting a little practice wawlking around boston :-)

After that momentous weekend we came home and started spreading the news here in Charlotte. We told our Bible study people and then thanks to facebook, nobody else around here got to hear it directly from us. It's been so much fun to ask questions of the professional moms around here and have our friends share in our excitement. The Academy kids were amazing as well. I've never had as many phone calls or texts as I did that morning. I guess when you share so much of life with a group of people, they feel like they're a part of everything for you too :-) So we've received a few gifts from people...some shoes, a blanket, some cute little onsies, a pregnancy jouornal...a whole new world of presents. Crazy stuff!

Just a little warning, I'm not posting "belly pictures" like most people do these days. Especially not before there's a recognizable bump there. I really don't understand the fascination and draw of following how large you get. Maybe for all you out-of-towners, I'll post some pictures when it looks more like a pregnant belly and less like a huge lunch and a lack of exercise. I have my ultrasound in two weeks so I'll put thos epictures up when I get them. No, we are not finding out what it is...much to the dismay of those trying to buy us presents. We're going with the surprise route :-)


Amy said...

We are so excited, we're all so excited because we all love you guys. and yes the out of towners want to see belly pictures. And you guys are such good secret keepers!

Mama F said...

I LOVE seeing those pics of you and Aaron holding baby Sam. It begins to make it a bit more real----especially since we can't see the belly growing!! You 2 make such a handsome couple anyway, and then with a baby in arms, I just want to say "AWWWWWW" It's really VERY exciting. I've had so much fun spreading the news as well. Thanks for finally posting this blog for all to read and hear about the fun you have had sharing your well-kept secret. Actually, I applaud that. Personally, I always found it fun to "hug" that little secret to myself for awhile instead of sharing it the morning after!! Love the pictures of Gr.and Gr O'Flaherty. I hope you weren't disappointed that I didn't cry Christine---you know I never cry, so don't take it personally! Love ya.

Anonymous said...

1) Thanks for the props...that's a sharp group to get a shout out like that in. We could have waited a long time until Ben was putting that together.

2) Those of us that know you well, would definitely know a large lunch and missed workout would never be involved.

3) And Mama F has been telling people, "I'm going to be a grandma"...which leads to a follow up question for a lot of people. Amy's been trying to get her to be a little more specific.

But as Amy said, we are REALLY excited!

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

I'm so excite for you guys. Seeing pictures of you both holding a baby is soooo cute. Glad you got some practice in.

I'm so proud of you for not finding out!! YEH for surprises!

I hope you will eventually post some belly shots for those of us not privileged to see you in person. I have pictures right before I went to the hospital and my belly was pretty big. Amazing it can stretch that much!

sarah said...

Congrats again! I am so excited for you guys! You look great holding a newborn. And I can't wait to see you in Nov, since you aren't showing belly pics.... you know we all want to see the belly :). With a third, there is no way of hiding things even this early. We aren't finding out either! Hope you are feeling well.

christine said...

mama f...don't worry, i'm not upset at all for the lack of tears. i'm not a cryer either so i understand completely...we know you're excited too :-)

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!