Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend Travels

True to our typical lives we've spent the last 4 weekend on the road. I;m not sure if that's by design or because we are gluttons for hours in the car and high gas bills. I'll start with out first weekend away. We went up to the mountains to get some solitude and try to work through some of our present decisions. We were finding it difficult to focus on seeking the Lord with our future in the midst of getting back into the swing of things here. So we went to Mitch's grandparents cabin about 2 hours away. They were gone for the weekend and were gracious enough to let us crash there for a few days. It was gorgeous weather and a great time to reconnecting and seeking. We would have liked to come home with some clariy on our decision but that hadn't quite happened.

The next weekend we went the other direction, down to South Carolina. Two of the Academy guys had games down there and two others drove down from school to join us. So the six of us got a hotel suite, had a guys room and a girls room and had our little southern reunion! It was a great time to see them again, catch up on life, and pray for each other. After being so entrenched in each other lives, its hard to do it playing catch up!

The next weekend we went way north. Ben and Brett both had home games on the same day so we drove up Friday night to see the Saturday games. Friday we went to Philly, got some dinner with Ben and Linds and then went on to stay at Hayden and Michelle's house. It was a really long drive but wortht it. It was great to spend some time with everyone on a smaller scale too. Saturday we went to Ben's game and met up with the rest of the Faro fam to SWEAT while we watched. It was rather toasty of those situations where you stop worrying about how your look because you're too focused on the sweat rolling down various parts of your body. After Ben's game we drove over to Messiah to see Brett play. We had a little family tailgate action and then watched the game. There were tons of people at the game which was a pleasant surprise. We saw Em and Linds as well as some others. That night we went out for some post game Friendly's...just like old times. That night we stayed at Emily's and got to catch up with her and Nick. We went to Church as a fam the next morning and then saw two more of the Academy kids before we hit the road! Bowser and Neil met up for lunch to hang out for a little bit. Good times.

This past weekend we went down to Wilmington. Aaron had another triathlon...and of course he did well. This one was a sprint so it was quite a bit shorter than his normal races. Out of 1300 racers, he came in seventh overall and first in his age group. They actaully made people stand on a podium for each age group which was hilarious because it made him the center of attention. I don't have pictures of it but when I get them, I'll share. So while in Wilmington we stayed with Dave and Annmarie Miller. OK...they live literally ON THE OCEAN!!! What a pleasant surprise! Our room opened up to a balcony that was one row away from the beach so you could sit out there and look at the water and hear the waves. It was so nice to fall asleep to the sound of the waves. As a former beach bum, there is nothing more relaxing. Sadly, the weather wasn't great. It was a bit chilly and overcast. Not great beach weather but we hung out there for a few hours each day anyway.

We got back about dinner time Sunday night. On our drive home we got a text from Mitch looking for a family dinner. So we got home and had the Charlotte fam over for dinner! Never a dull moment. It was so good though because we haven't been all together in a long time. So Heidi, Sam, Mitch, Klotz, and Melissa came over for a little grill and chill. And Now we're back to the work week.

Shockingly, we're home this weekend! What will we do with ourselves??!?! Perhaps cultivate some friendships we regularly ignore here. It's not too long lasting though...the following weekend we're back on the road, up in NY for a wedding.


Amy said...

Ugh it was so hot, I was sweating just thinking about how hot it was. So good to see you guys

Anonymous said...

It was so miserably head is almost done peeling from that fisco.

And maybe if you two weren't so much fun to hang out with you wouldn't have to travel all over! Just an option to think about. We always have a great time with you guys.

Amy said...

I feel like we need a new and exciting post... do you have anything new and exciting worth posting about?

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!