Saturday, August 16, 2008

one more reason i hate dogs...

so i woke up this morning and my legs were really sore. i went for a jog yesterday but it shouldn't have made me sore so i was confused. then i remembered why i probably got sore from that run...i had a brief sprinting session. so let me tell you what happened. i went out for a run and was gonna go through our neighborhood before going across the street to run in theirs. i turn down the first cul-de-sac and get about one house in and i hear a dog go nuts barking at the end of the cul-de-sac. i keep jogging just thinking that it was, it was apparently furious with me for runnning on his street. so he is probably about 4 or 5 houses down and starts to book it towards me, all the while, snarling and showing his teeth. so i quickly realize that i'm about to get attacked by a dog and turn around and start sprinting back as fast as i can. it doesn't take too long to realize that much like most other people in this world, the dog is also faster than me. so i decide to run on someones lawn and try to jump their fence into their backyard. just as i'm about to hop the fence the dog comes to an abrupt stop about 20 yards away. at this point, i'm wondering why on earth he just sprinted the length of a football field only to stop right before eating me alive but i'm not staying around to figure that one out. what a way to start my run. i had already felt like i ran a marathon and it had only been a few minutes. so my brief sprint from death is why my legs are sore. and this leaves me with more hatred for people that assume their own dogs are friendly and think they can just go wherever they heck they want. all i wanted to do was get outside and get a workout...put your stinking animal on a leash!!!! or get an invisible fence!!! add this to the list of why i just don't like animals.

so sidenote, i tell this story to neighbors that came over to watch the olympics last night. and when they left to walk home, the same dog started to run afer them! so then some lady comes outside and says "oh, don't worry, i'm just taking care of him for my daughter, he'll be gone tomorrow". are not "taking care" of him, you are letting him run loose and terrorize the neighborhood.


Jory Crowell said...

Thats why cats like Teddy are great. You will see when you visit. I think you and aaron are gonna want one for yourself. Great to read your posts again! Miss you guys. Can't wait to celebrate our new little guy together.

Anonymous said...

If this happened in a movie, you would have jumped the fence into another yard ONLY to find out that there was an even bigger dog in that yard.

And as someone who walks a dog several miles a week, yes that's so annoying. There's no excuse for your dog to be able to chase people, unless you come into his yard. Beckett has some areas for improvement, but this is one of his strong suits. He won't go near the line to chase anyone, because he's terrified of getting shocked.

christine said... guys are responsible dog owners with the invisible fence. thats totally acceptable!

haha...and yes, in a movie i would've been eaten buy a larger do in their backyard :-)

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

I thought for sure you jumped the fence, only to find a hungry Rottweiler or Pit Bull wanting for his snack.

I have always loved you Christine but now you are even more endearing to me. Your "love" of animals rivals my own. We are kindred spirits!! We should start a club: you, me, Ben. Anyone else want to join?

Em said...

EWWWWWWW I hate uncontrolled dogs!! That SAME thing happened to me when we first moved here! I think I had a panic attack. I haven't jogged by that house since. LOVE YOU!

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!