Tuesday, April 24, 2007

heidi's shower

this past weekend we had a shower for heidi drummond (soon-to-be casey) at our house! this was the first time i'd hosted a real planned party and stuff so i learned a lot about what all goes into it. we had some good food, fun decorations and lots of presents! we outfitted heidi properly for marriage as well as for our nite out after the shower! she was not a fan of the attention it could draw but it's all part of the deal! we even gave her some eagles iron-on undies so she could be a good fan for sam on game days :-) good times.


cntrygirl4lf said...

ahh the bachelor party. How fun! Where'd you take her to embarrass her?

christine said...

we went dancing uptown and made her wear a tiarra andd veil and a hottie whistle...and dance on stage

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!