Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Deloach Wedding

well...another wedding! went on sunday out to dennis vineyards in albermarle for lauryn and aaron's wedding. it was a gorgeous day and really pretty setting for a wedding. the whole eagles crew was out there for the fun. anytime the group is all together, craziness is bound to happen. and obvious from one of the pictures, i really enjoyed the punch at the reception :-)


cntrygirl4lf said...

Aaron looks really young in those pictures. Are you a little tipsy in that picture? And how come you have all these cute dresses? Where did you get them all.
And whats this about a computer in bed? Do you guys have a laptop? Since when?

christine said...

no, aaron is not getting any, i'm definitely not tipsy...and i bought like 5 dresses at ross for my summer of weddings for like 15 bucks each! p.s.- the one heidi has on is mine too...and we got a laptop for christmas...loving it by the way. i'm on it way more that i should be just because i can :-)

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!