Sunday, April 15, 2007

the faro hotel

well, no pictures to go with this post, just ramblings of my head. we've recently had insane numbers of people staying at our house on a regular basis. bear with me here while i recap a few. we had a new teammate and his wife during tryouts, some friends of aaron's from high school (who also brought more friends in a quick surprise event), another couple from aaron's old days, my parents, then my sister, and now another family (mom, dad and baby) that has recently joined the team...they will be with us for a few weeks. all this has transpired in the last month. needless to say we are blessed with tons of people that are willing to drive and visit us which is awesome! we also have been blessed with spare rooms (though small) for people in need to stay. so it makes for the perfect combo for perpetual hosting. that said...i now know that there is a limit to how much you can pack into a short month! so when all is said and done...i'll need to sleep for a long time to recover! and of course, aaron is not nearly as weary from it all as i am...figures huh..being laid back and all! good thing we have some balance in this house!

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