Thursday, December 11, 2008


This vacation was blissfully uneventful. After all the stories that came out of our honeymoon I half expected to have a few more after this trip...not true. In fact, there's not too much to write because we did NOTHING and it was wonderful. :-)

The weather was pretty good but there were a few days of clouds and rain that put a halt on the tan I had hoped for. Even through the rain and clouds, it was still a great temperature and we were outside swimming or something anyway.

The first two days we basically lounged on the beach and went swimming even though it was kinda cloudy. We had a nice rotation of laying down, reading, swimming, getting a new fruit smoothie, repeat. The third day we took a catamaran ride to snorkel and see the famous Dunn's River Falls. It was a great trip...the snorkeling wasn't that great but the boat ride was fun and the the waterfalls were amazing! They were kind of touristy but you actually got to hike up in them the whole hour! Literally...up to our waists in the rushing water of the waterfall climbing up the rocks. Aaron was in his glory. A few minutes in, I was pretty sure this wasn't an activity for someone 6 months pregnant but I didn't know ahead of time and I wasn't about to get don't judge me...Aaron had a good hold of me the whole time so I didn't fall or anything.

The next two days were good and sunny so we went back to our original plan and did nothing but lay on the beach...we added an afternoon kyack and tennis session though. For active people, we were remarkably still until that point. Funny we're playing tennis...mind you, we haven't played in a while and I'm WAY less mobile than I'd like at this point considering my shifting center of gravity. So we're playing and some videographers come up and ask us if they cam tape us playing for the resort commercial!!! YIKES!!!! I was tempted to say they were better off looking elsewhere but we were the only ones playing. So somewhere Aaron and I will be in a RIU Resorts commercial playing some really bad tennis.

The food was good but not as good as it was on the cruise we took with the rest of the Faro fam last Christmas. But that goods cause if it was really good I would have eaten a whole lot more! As it was I was already feeling guilty because I consumed WAY more sugar than I normally do. The all inclusive makes getting smoothies and fruity drinks way too easy and we made good use of it. Poor baby Faro...on a sugar rush all's probably going through withdrawal already. A plus of the sugar rush is that it was moving a whole lot more which made me feel better about being so far away from my doctor...a little peace of mind never hurts. And it's finally kicking hard enough to Aaron can feel it! And one night it was so severe that if you watched my stomach, you could see the kicks show though...a lot! And that's why I didn't sleep so much. It's hard to sleep when something on your insides wants to be on your outsides :-)

So hopefully the pictures have given you a look at our five year anniversary/babymoon trip...
When we finally got home late last night, I was greeted by an early Christmas present from my thoughtful and crafty husband. I have had a few home projects in mind for a long time now but wasn't too keen on doing them myself. A few of those tasks included painting the ceilings, sanding and restaining the kitchen cabinets (they were a hideous orangey color), and redoing the living room carpet. So we walk in the front door and I say, "it smells like paint", and he gets this little grin on his face and says, "oh does it?" He had a bunch of our friends come in and paint the ceilings and redo the kitchen cabinets while we were gone so I didn't have to do it and I didn't have to live in the fumes! What a guy :-)
Sidenote, we also got home to a few early shower presents! I guess a few people have shipped them so we walked in to see our carseats and a stroller...not that I know who they're from yet!


Amy said...

Oh I am so glad you had such a great time and got to do a whole lot of nothing. And I am also so glad you took some pictures and even one that could be described as a "belly bump" picture! Cant wait to see you guys soon.

Mom of 2 Cuties said...

Your trip sounds wonderful!!! So glad you had a great time. I love the pictures, especially the ones showing your belly! YEH!! Can't wait to see you in person.

Renee was a mover.....oh surprise. She was our entertainment most evenings during my last month of pregnancy. Isn't it cool when you can actually see them kick or roll over? Glad Aaron is experiencing it now too.

Anonymous said...

A Faro that is a strong kicker? I believe it. The baby was probably just working on his footability already. Maybe deciding which direction to kick his penalty kick in the 2028 Final 4 as Messiah goes for they're 20th National Title.

Yes, I'm just assuming you're having a boy...because I always root for boys.

Anonymous said...

I have a their/they're/there issue in that comment. I'm pointing it out so no one else feels the need to.

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!