Thursday, May 29, 2008


well...there might be some progress. i'm trying not to get our hopes up but we got some good news today. as of this morning we were missing 8 visas (all of which were mailed to miami). we've been in serious prayer about it here corporately and other people have been praying as well. all week we've been trying to call and they were closed monday and tuesday, and yesterday "all circuits were busy" and we couldn't get through. the same was true today until about an hour ago. i finally got through and talked to a lady that appears to be really helpful. the first helpful/nice person i've talked to in the last two weeks. they weren't processing our mail day yet and she said she didn't think it would i started to tell her our situation and she actually listened!!! i asked if there was something she could do to help even though i know she didn't have to. she actually got off the phone and went to the mail room to find our envelope. when she got back on the phone she said she found it, she would process it today, and mail it out tomorrow!!!!! obviously, we still need her to follow up on her promise but i'm just grateful she took the time to listen and actually was willing to help. so when i check our tracking number tomorrow at lunch time i should know if she followed through on her word. please keep praying these visas through from the consulate to our p.o. box!!! we need this miracle to be completed!!!!


Amy said...

Wow that would be so awesome. Did you get her name incase you need to call her back? We're praying!

christine said...

well, she told me her name but she's brazilian and i couldn't repeat it back if i heard it a million times...but i think i know the number that gets me directly to we'll see! thanks so much for your prayers!

Anonymous said...

That's great...we'll keep praying until they're in your hands.

Well that makes it sound like we'll stop praying then, we'll find something new to pray about after that.

Enjoy Chicago!

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!