Thursday, May 22, 2008

Visa Trouble


we need some prayer for our visa situation...badly. as of right now we won't get our visas back in time to go to brazil with the group, or even at all. based on some bad info about sending them out (ugh!) we didn't send them with enough time to process. apparently each consulate has different processing times. so at best, our visas might get to us three days after the group has already been in brazil. so we need you guys to pray that someone at the consulate gets tired of taking our phone calls and rushes our processing. at this point, i was told..."sorry, i don't think you're gonna make it". when i asked if there is some fee we could pay to rush it, they said no. thats not what i was looking for at all. at this point i'd pay a lot of money to have this resolved. so please pray that god wants us to go to brazil and he takes care of whatever needs to happen in the consulate to make that happen. thankfully, he's bigger than consulate formality and regulations. i'll keep you updated if anything happens!

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Mama F said...

We have passed this along to all the prayer warriors at Pearce. Does anyone at the Eagles have friends in the state legislature. Sometimes those folks are able to pull strings for constituents. I'm sure God would use even politicians! We are praying also.

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!