Saturday, December 8, 2007

second hand african greetings!

just thought i'd pass on some news from africa for all of you. i've been fortunate enough to get two e-mails and a quick phone call!!! things there are good...he said the group of guys is really solid and they are hanging in there with any tough conditions. the african leaders they are working with are apparently amazing...soaking it all up and really bold in an oppresively muslim territory. he said those leaders have been so amazing to work beside and such an encouragement. really reminding him of how blessed we are here in our freedoms, no matter how "bad off" we think our country is spiritually.

not so much success in the soccer department though...two losses. but that's not really why they're there so its good to have that in perspective. he hasn't mentioned his face/head much...which is not surprising at all. but no news is good news in that department i guess.

they are up in the north now which seems to be a different environment the jos was. definately more spiritual heaviness so you can pray for walls to be broken down while they are there as well as safety bringing an unwelcome message.

on the homefront, i've been well taken care of! my parents were here for almost the whole first week and now jillian flew down from DC to be here this weekend. i've been so busy and have had lots of company. it's been a great distraction....not that i'm not ready to have him home...but it sure helps. all us girls are getting together and keeping each other company so we're hanging in!

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Thanks for the update!

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!