Thursday, August 9, 2007

Ceramic Tile

so we've had a lot going on here for the past in town and whatnot. my dad is here and i wanted to put ceramic tile in the bathrooms so we decided to do it this week too. makes for a messy house...lots of guests in and out plus the remodeling. i wouldn't suggest it for the first bathroom goes down without issue....but the masterbath is another story. so i've had a few million sample tiles in and out of this house planning for this. i finally pick one for our bathroom that looks like of like slate...a little different, i know. but i really liked it. so i go back to lowes to buy it all and tell the guy what i want. he comes back with the boxes and loads them in the car. that was two weeks ago. they have been on the floor of the garage since then. unlooked at. (you might be able to see where i'm going with this now)

so the first bathroom is done so i go to bring that stack of boxes in the house. and while i'm carrying them, i, these look a little different. open up the boxes and realize....they are different!!! they're not the same tile!!! so dad's ready to start putting it down...slaving (and sweating) like and animal and i tell him that i have the wrong tile. talk about feeling like an idiot. so back to lowes i go to fix it...

i bring home boxes of the right tile this time and take it out of the box.....and again, it doesn't look the same! its the same tile name now, but the coloring is really different from my sample tile. so i go through the whole set of four boxes and take out the tile that look more like the sample. this new dye lot of tile has WAY more orange-ish color swirling in the slate look. the orange cannot happen in my blue bathroom so now i'm picking tiles out of the boxes to keep and have to go back to lowes to buy more boxes to pick and choose out of!

needless to say, this better look good when its all over cause i feel like its been more hassle than its worth. and my poor dad continues to slave! the moral of the story goes back to a line from my dear friend bryan regan..."its just gonna be a big hassle, thats our policy"

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Mrs. Keller said...

What this blog is lacking is pictures, we need some pictures of this whole thing.

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!