Thursday, August 30, 2007

aahhh transitions

so there have been some recent developments in our lives in the past few weeks. for one, i have applied to some online grad programs. i think we've come to the conclusion that its a good time to get on with that plan considering the lack of full time job. i have to take the gre to apply to the one i really want to go to though. so back to the books! its been a long time since i've taken any test, let alone a standardized one. i've realized that all my reading has not helped my vocab in the gre book. and i've been reading a lot since i've had some annoying time on my hands. at one point (yes, a low point) i think i read three books in 2 days. that should tell you how productive i've been with my life the past two weeks. i did manage to paint the bathroom though. amy, pictures are not far off but i need to finish putting it back together first. the cabinets are now espresso brown, the floor is like slate looking ceramic tile, the walls are now a greenish-blueish-gray i guess. looking good. but i hope to be able to start school stuff in january. we'll see if i can take the gre and get it all reported and applied in time. as long as i know this down time is short, i ca handle it i think.

on another note, aaron and i had a meeting with pat and got some things out in the open about camp. things are going to change! the meeting went pretty well and we have some more decisions to make but we're pretty excited. now that camp all summer is not going to happen for us, some doors are now open for some other things. exciting stuff. so in the mean time, our fall is shaping up to be busier than ever. 10K races, triathalons, soccer game travel, a trip home perhaps, emmy's wedding in jersey, etc. i'm not sure why we seem to think the fall is down time for us...its just as busy but we do it to ourselves! on that note, i'm off to hit the gre books once again!

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Mrs. Keller said...

We need some pictures here. ANd from your weekend trip. Miss you

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!