Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Oh man! T's wedding was on Lake Champlaign in Vermont. It was gorgeous! Really makes you want to consider taking a vacation to the New England coast in the summer. Great temperature and very pretty scenery. It was a real quick trip so I wish i coulda been there longer but no such luck. Got in friday night and left at 4am sunday morning. I bunked in with the bridesmaids in the next door neighbors house. sweet view overlooking the lake, with a screened in porch with rocking chairs. it was good to have some time to catch up with em and jess being with the girls. i've been the classic "plus one" this summer for weddings. not in it, but there early for various reasons. makes for some awkward situations you ride to the church with the wedding party? no, but how do you get there? do you join the hair dresser party? no, but what do you do instead?....and other random things like that. so i helped out when i could with placecard stuff, cleaning up, marriage licence, etc. not a bad role...keeps you busy.

the wedding was nice at a nearby church and the reception was back at the house overlooking the lake. really nice setting. very t as well. she's still the same...good to see. this was the first time all five from mellingber B103 were all together since graduation...we've seen eachother but not all at once. and we'll get to do it again for em's wedding in september! good times.


Mrs. Keller said...

She did go with brown dresses like the girls wore for mine,very nice.

We will be in prayer for you guys, we know how difficult waiting can be especially for busy and driven people like you and we are.

christine said...

yeah her dresses were really nice...had a very similar feel to yours obviously...

and true, its hard for chronically busy people to be still and wait! valuable lessons for all i guess!

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!