Wednesday, July 11, 2007

new york trip

i had a great time up in new york this last time. got up there thursday morning. drove out to jersey friday to hang out with emily. she thought i was here for my grandpa's party, and had no idea that saturday morning was here bridal shower! so we caught up and i slept over friday night and then left for the shower in the morning. she was really surprised which is fun. there were lots of people there and most of the roomies too! so good to see everyone even though it was quick. i had to leave early to get home in time for grandpa's party so i didn't ruin that surprise. it was supposed to take me and hour and didn't. good ole fourth of july traffic i guess. it too me 2 and a half hours to get home!!! i almost missed grandpa's surprise! but that party was fun too. lots of extended family on the faraci side that i just never see. lots of good times. he was surprised too and so cute when he realized. :-) well i'm home now and leave again for vermont in a week and a half. that concludes my flights for a while i believe. i hope so anyway...i'm sick of airports!

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