Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back in Grantham

This may have been my longest blog slacking yet! So much has happened and is still happening that finding time to blog is not up there on the list of things to do. But tonight, Emma is sleeping, Aaron is away at a game, and I'm tired of doing here's the update...

We got up here about 2 months ago and it's going pretty well. We first moved into a MANSION a few miles away temporarily until we found a more permanent place. I can't describe the place so I'll post pics instead.

After about a month there we moved to a rental house right behind the soccer fields off campus. Can't beat the location! Aaron walks to work every day, I can walk over to games (or go home at halftime if its too cold!), and we barely have to use our cars. Talk about spoiled! On the other hand...we're sharing it. With our house still not sold we needed something CHEAP so we're splitting the house with someone else...a new bible professor at Messiah. She's really nice and easy to live with so its all good and fine. Of course, it'll be nice to have a place to ourselves sometime soon (hopefully!) but you do what you have to for a while.

Aaron's enjoying his time at Messiah. This is the last week of regular season and the team's doing well. He's also obviously gotten to spend time with Brett which has been great. His other roles have taken a back seat during the season which has been nice so he hasn't really felt overwhelmed. We also get to see so many of our old college friends being back here with the team!

My roomie still lives nearby so thats been nice for me to have someone to hang out with. Nevermind the fact that we now live close enough to see our families regularly. Can't beat it. The Faro's have come down for quite a few games already so we see them. We went up to Amy's baby shower last weekend, went to go see Ben's homecoming, my fam has come once and is coming again in a few weeks. Not much more you can ask for, especially when there's a little one involved. And we're even close enough that I get to meet up with Jillian!

With all those positive things...we still miss the people in Charlotte and have some loose ends there. Our house still being "our house" is a problem obviously because we can't really settle here until we are completely out of there. Makes things tough for now. But in God's timing something will happen...I just wish His timing were mine! But now at least we have a place to stay when we can go back and visit those people we miss!

Emma's handling all the transition pretty well. I would classify her as curious and busy these days. She's recently gotten two teeth, learned how to roll both ways, and can pull herself up on things. She still hates to be on her stomach so crawling is nonexistent. She's managed to bypass crawling by log rolling around the room to reach what she wants. Creative, I know. I'm fairly nervous about keeping up with her when she learns how to put all this movement together. I think I'm gonna have my hands full! She's so much happier now than she was in the beginning. We have tons of fun playing and going for walks...just love to see that little booger smile and hear that chuckle.

So I'm sure I missed tons of detail but thats all I got for now. Back to the books for me. Two months till I'm done with school and can get a little of my life back! Can't wait.


Mama F said...

Hooray for the update. And AMEN to how happy Emma is these days. She is like a different baby. You have all weathered so many transitions with such grace---evidence of God's grace in your lives, I guess. God is good!

Amy said...

We love having you guys so close and getting to see you so often.

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!