Monday, October 1, 2007

em's wedding

well we made the trek up to jersey a litte over a week ago to em and nick's wedding. its a day us roomies have been excited about for a while now! emily benson...let a man take her heart. notable news. but when you see them together you know why she was so picky all those years. God had something better! they seem wonderful! its so good to see! i still don't feel like i know him well enough but he seems great and i'm pumped for them.

mitch, aaron and i all drove up together. we went up to virginia thursday night and stayed at jillians nice new house. that was about a 6 hour drive. then we went the rest of the way up friday morning. another 4 and a half hours i think. lots of driving...but i'm glad we got to go. and luckily for me, with two boys in the car, i don't have to drive! cause i hate driving long distances. (john, you'll be glad that there was one less dangerous female on the road)

anyway, we gathered at em's and had lunch before we went to decorate the church. then we all got ready for the rehersal and dinner. the dinner was at the church and was a real nice time of memories and such. a lot of people had the opportunity to say some things about them. good times. then it was back home for a restful night before the big day! aaron and mitch split a hotel room so i could crash at em's and knock out another hotel room purchase. they opened a few presents that night and then it was time for girl talk. me, em, carrie and allie (her sisters) had some time chatting about marriage, helping her pack for the honeymoon, and getting excited for the next day.

wedding was at 10 so it was an early morning! hair apointments at 7 for some while the rest of us wrestled with our own at home. pictures at the house by nine and then off to the church! ceremony was great and then we got on to the reception. it was at a place just a few miles away. there were quite a few messiah people there. three tables at least. it was so good to see everyone and have some time to catch up. we needed to hit the road pretty quick after so we drove back down to jillians after the reception at 5. got there in time to spend some time with her and chuck which was nice. played some Wii tennis, ate, chatted, etc. Nothing crazy, just good relaxing time together. We went to church with them in the morning, grabbed lunch and then started the rest of the drive back! so much driving in just 4 days. but it was great to see so many college friends and others on the road. i unfortunately don't have many pictures but i'll post some when i get them from others.

other life updates...

1. i'm done with the GRE!!!! that is a nice feeling. now i'll finish the application this week and hopefully be ready to go come januray!

2. my jellyfish wound is making some great headway...fading by the day

3. it's official...we'll be spending about 10 weeks in chicago for this coming summer, helping out MAI with the chicago academy. we're pumped!

4. aaron's next triathlon is this saturday...up in the tenessee mountains

5. we're about to make a trip up north to see some people from school and home as well as see the boys play soccer. can't wait!

i'm sure there will be more on those things to come!


Mrs. Keller said...

Yay a new blog for me to check out! You looked great in that dress... we should wear them at Christmas :)
Cant wait to see you guys in a week!

christine said...

haha...a little fancy but i think we can pull it off :-) yeah we're pretty pumped to see you guys too! can't wait to see your house!

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!