Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June Madness

well i'm sitting here looking at my planner, trying not to have an anxiety attack. june is a crazy month for us...aaron's traveling a lot with the team and i'm traveling to lots of weddings and family birthday parties. just got back from long island for my grandpa's 80th birthday. while i was gone, aaron had games in baltimore and bermuda (i know, nice life). now i have a wedding this weekend, flying to denver a few days later for sam and heidi's, then a few days later...back to new york for my other grandpa'a 80th birthday. my poor clients...i can only work a few days at a time so i'm trying to fit them in all over the place. that would be why i'm going to the Y 2 or 3 times a day while i'm home...oh well, at least i have the flexibility to go to all these events and keep my jobs, even though i think i'm losing my sanity!

we've had some long island friends in town the past week...they're moving down here so he's looking for a teaching job and doing a housing search. its been so long since we've done that, i forgot how much work it is. but he's found a great teaching job and now they're focusing on the housing!

camp season is going well so far...this is the first week of local camps and the third week of away camps, and so far so good! even with all this travel it seems that we've stayed on top of things. i guess the real test will come when i try to work from the laptop for the 5 days we're in denver. i'm gonna get a taste of the business world in that way i guess. being all important on the plane...looking at everyone else thinking i'm better than them because i'm still working. "bring me the head of a pig!" and "i'm making money right now" far from the truth that really is :-)

well training's going well for me. i've hit the point where i have a lot of clients and actually don't want to take on anymore for now. i've started to have to take notes after each session because i mix people up now. so it's good i guess!

so i'm still trying to get aaron to do some posting but he's still resisting at the moment...he'll get there. i'll put up some pictures when i get my camera back...hopefully i can get you a look at his bermuda trip and other stuff going on down here.

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Mrs. Keller said...

hey guys, thanks for the updates. It is awesome that you are getting to travel so much. I wish I could. Be nice to the couch people when you're being all important on your laptop.... "where was you? where was you at?"

welcome to the whirlwind we call our lives!